February 05, 2008

ModernPaper : New XML Blogger Template

One of my reader challenge me to port this ModernPaper wordpress theme for his blogger which is a blogspot platform.

I am not an expert, not a master but I promise him to work it out. Hopefully the design owner -Bryan Gardner, gimme a permition.

Since I'm not a master, I wonder and ask my self, can I?

So I work hard and thanks god now ModernPaper also available for blogspot user.

As you seen on the preview, ModernTemplate is three columns layout with double sidebar on the right part.

The color used also simple. Black for background and white for foreground.

I'm doing this on my old computer with 800x640 resolution and test the template using firefox and it's aligned properly.

But incase you use another browser and found some bug, kindly let me know and I will try to fix it.

The header description will not appear hence you have to put it manually.

Please note to keep all credit link intact. Don't forget to drop me some word, I appreciate it.

Sorry to not provide the live demo. Hey, don't worry, you can check the temporary one. Download the code here, or incase this is your firt time visiting, please check other my galleries listed here.

Seem the xml zip file uploaded with password protection. Simply drop some word on comment, dont forget to include your name and email and I will send you the password accordingly.

The password now is revealed, please read this page to find out.


ArahMan7 said...

I don't care what you say, but I still call you a Master. Bear in mind, you've successfully done it in a very short time. 4 days I think. Wow, that's impressive. I wish I could do it like you.

Anyway, thank you. Like I said, thank you many many times over.

I'm gonna test it on my test blog, and I shall tell you the result later.

Greetings and lots of love from Malaysia.

~ ArahMan7

ArahMan7 said...

Can't open the zip file. I got no password to open it.

template-godown said...

hi arahman, sorry to not tell you about the password.

anyone who downloaded the code, please drop me some comment and put your name + email address enable me sent the magic word.

Juliana Sardinha said...

Hi! My name is Juliana.
I am from Brazil.
I don't speak english but i want the password. Thanks

template-godown said...

tks juliana. just sent you the password. any problem facing let me help you.

template-godown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Juliana Sardinha said...

I am happy!
Enjoy my blogs:

Atul said...

I think This cool template,I am thinking to change my template.

Marcus said...

mail me the password

marcus at ieboards dot com

thank you.

template-godown said...

@atul, let me know your email address enable me sent the keypass.

@marcus, just sent the password. any installing problem, please inform and let see whether i can solve your problem.

itot54joni said...

thanks for the template

Deckard said...

Looks fine .... please send me the password :)

Reys said...

Hi, I'm really like this template.

It's simple and clean.
May I have the password please?
I'm really appreciate it:p


Reys said...

hi template-godown,
thanks for your response.
you could send the password via my email mhd.redza[at]gmail.com
anyway thanks again;p

WildClips said...

Great looking Template!

Love it if you could mail me the pw!

My email address is: s.beebizz@gmail.com


သားေရႊအုိးေျပာခ်င္သမွ် said...

very good template

သားေရႊအုိးေျပာခ်င္သမွ် said...


Humor na Informática said...

That´s a very cool Theme for Blogger,. I would love t otry this one, but I need the passwaord to open the file! Thanks and congratulations for the blog!

Humor na Informática said...

Oh, I almost forgot the email: humornainformatica[at]gmail.com. Thanks Again!

Ricardo Eralte said...

hi my name is Rick from new york city my email is ricardo.eralte@gmail.com, i would like to use this template for my blog if u can send me the password thanx

arabicya said...

i am mostafa
i like this template
please send me the password

Vermillion said...


Love the template, been looking for a new look. Of course, I need the password.


Thanks again!

Allen said...

Hi. I'd like the password as well.


Majik2903 said...

I like the template, would like to try and use it for one of my blogs. Could you send me the password?


Anonymous said...


Anton Parhomenko said...

Can't open the zip file. Please, send me the password :)


Anonymous said...

i like this template
please send me the password

Oliver said...


Ankit Shrivastava said...

pls send the password
my email :-

Ankit Shrivastava

admin said...

i'm interested with your design...it's seem suit with my mind...thanks...
can u give me permission to use it?...


Jennifer Douglass said...

Thanks so much for all of your information.

Please send the password to dearabiola at gmail dot com .

Much appreciated,
Jennifer Douglass

mk said...

Hi, i would like to use this beautiful template for my blog.. please mail me password at martin.kis@gmail.com..thanks

Adriano Laurindo said...

My name: Adriano Laurindo
and my e-mail is: design.webfire@gmail.com

thanks, i'm waiting for the password.

Blogazeta said...

I loved themes blogger
Receive password ModernPaper
email emorais@live.com

tilromen said...


Great design! Thanks a lot! =)

B. Salas-Manzanedo said...

great template

taifun said...

Love the template, been looking for a new look. I need the password. Great design. Thank you.


B said...

Hello, I like this template. Please, tell me the password. So I will be able to use this template in my own blog. Thank you!


bro din said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tilromen said...

Please, if you can!
Delete, please, my comment, that I left here before! I can't do it myself, because login with OpenID...

Here is that comment:


I don't want to show this e-mail...
Thanck you wery much! =)

Hayabusa said...

please send me the pass

Doyok said...

hello..i like this template
i'm waiting for the password
email: doyok69[at]yahoo[dot]com
thx :)

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