January 14, 2008

A Guide to Cheating Blogger Templates

Since Blogger moves to xml platform, playing with template is become not easy as ordinary HTML one, quoting my friend's word

Getting a good template for the Blogger platform used to be a pain
But now, some people getting unstinted and start sharing knowledge of pimping a Blogger XML templates.

One of them is Amanda, she just posting A Cheats' Guide to Customizing Blogger templates: which is contain a few quick tips that definitely help you transform your blog look-like. An illustration shown below :

to this...

Go there and start your free course. Thanks to Amanda, and we're waiting the next class.

By the way, did you know that i also pimp some wordpress theme to Blogger platform? Poor me if you said 'i don't know'. In that case, click here to list them all out.


fsprincipe said...

hello tukang.. please validate your email this is from: http://fsprincipe.qassia.com cheers

mandelism said...

wow..didnt know can port blogger themes like that :p
nice tips..thkx..though i never used blogspot tat much keke

template-godown said...

@fsprincipe, regret to me loosing a chance on qassia. wish your qassia luck forever.

never late to start it right? :)
keep happy blogging.

Amanda said...

Thanks for posting about the on-going template design series! In the next few days, I'll be publishing an eBook based on the Cheats' Guide to customizing templates (which is much more enhanced than the online version) which I hope will be a good read for anyone beginning to learn how to edit their Blogger templates.

I'm glad to see you also port Wordpress themes to Blogger. I've never tried this myself as I'm just learning about Wordpress blogs. But I will be sure to check out these templates for a post I've been working on.

Thanks and best wishes,

Amanda (Blogger Buster)

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